2017 ithaca Festival parade

This year's theme was “Celebrating Like It's Our First”
We all remember the first time we reconnected with land and sea animals of every species, rediscovered that they are individuals not products, brought them into our circle of respect and protection, went vegan as one of the ways we can work toward eliminating the monumental social injustice that is the animal trade in all it's many forms, began educating others. We can celebrate that each land and sea individual of other species is someone, not something. That each of their lives is as meaningful to them as ours to us.

Join in:
Friday, June 2rd

ALL ARE WELCOME!! Each year, we can take a couple hours to come together as a voice for the animals (which by association is also a voice for the environment, world hunger and peace). The more signs we have enough people to carry, the more seeds of awareness, compassion and social justice we can plant -- IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE OF THOUSANDS! -- on behalf of these wonderful animals, who sadly are oppressed and executed on a scale of trillions (which includes marine animals) every single year. If you would like to receive updates, please write to: info@fingerlakesanimalrights.org

Thanks to those who took pictures.