2015 ithaca Festival parade

This year's theme: “Better Together”
And, yes, TOGETHER we can make the world a BETTER place for all species!

Join in:
Thursday, May 28th

ALL ARE WELCOME!! Please join us in being a voice for the animals (which by association is also a voice for the environment and world hunger). The more signs we have enough people to carry, the more seeds of awareness, compassion and social justice we can plant on behalf on these wonderful animals, who sadly are oppressed and executed on a scale of trillions (which includes marine animals) every single year. If you would like to receive updates, or have questions, or would like to choose a particular sign, please write to: info@fingerlakesanimalrights.org

Photos thanks to Amber Gilewski,
Jack E Parslow, Marilyn Gordon Webb, Stacey Murphy,
Matty Lëlik and Lindsay Eryn Bohémier