2019 ithaca Festival parade

CANCELLED due to not enough participants.

Thursday, May 30. This year's theme is "Full STEAM Ahead", the Festival organizers using STEAM as an acronym for "celebrating Ithaca's strong connection to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math".

The Finger Lakes Animal Rights display of animal-caring posters will hopefully bring about that lightbult moment for people of realizing that other land and sea species are individuals not products. Each is someone, not some thing. Each of their lives is as meaningful to them as ours to us.

The "Art" of eliminating speciesism (discrimination against persons of other land and sea species), the "Science", "Technology", and "Engineering" of discovering and engaging in ways and means that do not involve the exploitation and execution of persons of other land and sea species, the "Math" of recognizing that this planet is home to all land and sea species, and the human penchant for breeding, using, and "managing" those of other land and sea species is an injustice to all -- those of other land and sea species, the earth, and those of the human species.

CANCELLED due to not enough participants.
Please take a couple hours to join together as a voice for the animals, as a voice against the most monunental social injustice currently on the planet, that of the land and sea animal trade in all its many forms. The more of us there are, the more seeds of awareness and social justice we can plant -- IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE OF THOUSANDS! -- on behalf of these wonderful land and sea individuals, who sadly are oppressed and executed on a scale of trillions (which includes marine animals) every single year. More info...

2018 ithaca Festival parade

Friday, June 1. This year's theme was "Arts, Ag, Adventure". On the web page announcing the theme, a little girl was pictured holding a chicken, chickens being one of the many land and sea individuals used (bred, exploited and executed) as objects of "Ag".

Since in previous years, the turnout of folks available/willing to march in the Ithaca Festival Parade on behalf of those oppressed by speciesism has been so low, the idea this year was to create a float (large box truck) displaying on both sides as many posters as possible. When it came time to tape the posters to the tarp, however, a pouring rain began. The tape wouldn't have stuck. The float was returned to it's point of origin. And although the rain continued, lighter by now, Plan B went into effect...walking with the banner. So there were just two of us this year (followed by a lively band playing songs such as When the Saints Go Marching In).

Mega thanks to Sally. Originally going to ride along in the float, she then was willing to walk and carry one end of the banner. She danced in time to the rythms of the band behind us and acknowledged with smiles and enthusiam the fantastic many along the route who care enough about individuals of other land and sea species to go vegan and to advocate on their behalf for the elimination of the injustices of speciesism.

2017 ithaca Festival parade

Friday, June 2. At the beginning of this week, the weather was showing thunder, lightening and rain. As the week progressed, first the t'storm icons disappeared, then the rain. And by the time Friday arrived, the weather was brilliant...sunny and mild. Just right. This year's theme was "Celebrating Like It's Our First". We can celebrate the first time we reconnected with land and sea animals of every species, rediscovering that they are individuals not products, bringing them into our circle of respect and protection, going vegan as one of the ways we can work toward eliminating the monumental social injustice that is the animal trade in all it's many forms, educating others. We can celebrate that each is someone, not something. That each of their lives is as meaningful to them as ours to us.

A million thanks to three terrific, fantastic vegans for contributing their time, energy and heart. One came all the way from Watkins Glen. Another is newly vegan. And one has been vegan since birth. Can't thank them enough...for the animals' sake. In alphabetical order, Claire, Sander, and Sarina put the active in activist for this year's March for Other Animals!!

Photos here...

2016 ithaca Festival parade

Friday, June 3, was another gorgeous, sunny day, made to order for a parade. This year's theme was MIX IT UP. Exactly what we did. Tried to show that all species, not just some, deserve the respect and protection we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. Other animals' lives matter, too. Each is someone not some thing. Six terrific advocates joined in being a voice for the animals. A college student who's marched for the animals each year! A first this year for her boyfriend. Certified in plant-based nutrition, this was her second year. School teacher and her mom, also a first this year. And about halfway through, a sweet middle school young lady asked if she could match with us. This parade is such a great opportunity to stand up for the animals in front of thousands of eyes and hearts, to counter the current cultural conditioning to not think of certain species as individuals, as other than things...food, clothing, entertainment, sport, etc. Much gratitude to (in alphabetical order) Bellinda, Kara, Kayla, Lindsay, Lindy, and Travis for representing on behalf of the animals!!!

Photos here...

2015 ithaca Festival parade

Thursday, May 28th, was a gorgeous, sunny day in the 70's. Perfect for a parade! The theme for this year's Festival is "Better Together". And, yes, TOGETHER we can make the planet a BETTER place for all species! Thirteen -- yes, thirteeen!! -- fantastic, stupendous ones came out to march for the animals, some a three-year participant with creator of the famous nugget sign, some despite a serious medical procedure that day, some having made the choice among multiple groups they could have marched with, some overcoming an innate shyness, some with confectionary ties to those delictible vegan cupcakes at Felicia's, some with leanings to the benefits of raw plant-based cuisine, some aspriing to one-on-one assistance with whole food plant-based nutrition, some progressive way ahead of their time...all wonderful! Thank you ever so much to (in alphabetical order) Belinda, Clair, Gail, George, Harold, Irja, Lindsay, Margaret, Matty, Oona, Ron, and Stephanie. For the animals!!

Photos here...

2014 ithaca Festival parade

On May 29th, six of us joined together to be a voice for the animals. Thanks SO much to Lindsay, Antonio, Deb, Tammie and Megan!! Here is Deb (far left) and Tammie (carrying Lindsay's popular "I AM NOT A NUGGET" sign). Thanks to WSKG for including us in their parade pics album!

Ithaca Festival Parade 2013

2013 ithaca Festival parade

On May 29th, six of us, one from Ithaca (not visible in this pic, but you can see her shoes behind the left-most person), three from Dryden, and two temporarily staying in Watkins Glen, joined together to march for the animals in the 2013 Ithaca Festival Parade. The theme of the 2013 Ithaca Festival was, "Where The Heart Is". Thanks for this photo, Amber!

Ithaca Festival Parade 2013